The American Dream is on the rocks. The recession took its toll on the housing market and taking out a mortgage has lost its appeal. Meanwhile, suburb growth has slowed as populations move back toward city centers.  Americans from all walks of life are demanding more sustainable solutions, including walkable neighborhoods, alternative transportation options, and sustainable food production.

Enter the Tiny House movement: Enthusiasts are scattered all over the globe, but many of the movers and shakers of the Tiny House community are here in the US. Life in a Tiny House requires intention: belongings are limited by square-footage, resource consumption is more apparent, and a minimalist lifestyle ensues. The result is an awareness of just how little is needed to have a comfortable home.

Jessie Gilmore with her team of designers and builders are joining the community by completing The [tiny] American Dream in Salt Lake City, Utah. This tiny house encourages intentional and sustainable living, brought to you through collaboration and Do-It-Yourself enthusiasm. The product: An affordable, efficient, and resourceful home designed, built, and documented by a community of young artists.